Meeting times are from 3:30-5:00 every Wednesday in room 169

Mission Statement: Provide opportunities for students to gain maturity, build self-confidence, learn teamwork, and gain an understanding of professionalism, while enhancing their knowledge in the fields of engineering, manufacturing, mechanics, electronics, and marketing.

Build: Build team builds the robot using tools and automated machinery. They focus on the actual assembly of parts made by machines to assemble the robot. 

Marketing: This team helps prepared visual media and documention for the robtics team. We focus in things such as: Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. We also present FIRST Inpact Awards. This team helps gather and maintain sponsors. Keep track of sponsorship levels and gift promises based on that level .  We also create and assemble items to give away.

Programming: This team keeps track of the wires in the robot as they are built. make sure that they take the physical build of the robot and help make it controllable.  They also make sure the wires in our robot are organized and the wires are in proper ports. This team is responsible for making the robot actually work and controllable. They program both the autonomous and player controlled  code.